You made it!

Simply [CLICK HERE] and find your trip…


If you want the rest, just send me a screen shot of EITHER:

A) A honest review with my name (Isaiah, or “Zay”) in it,


B) A facebook, twitter, or instagram post that tags @DiscoveryWhaleWatch.

Send screenshots to MontereyZay@gmail.com.

If there is any issue with the email, message me on instagram @MontereyZay.

Thanks again for coming out with us. It is truly my passion to inspire and educate people about the unfathomable majesty of marine ecosystems.

Discovery Whale Watch is a small family of crew – started by good people – who love dearly what we do, and with your help we might just do it forever!

The ocean also acts as our Great Thermal Regulator, and as a “carbon sink,” which is kind of a big deal these days…

“Love it, respect it, protect it.”

– Captain Danny Frank

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