Spirit of Animals

The Spirit of Animals

Let’s pretend.

Let’s say that everything happens for a reason. 

Sound Good? Good. Hold on to that.

Now, let’s say that every animal you ever saw,

Every tree,

Every worm was there for a reason.

WIth me so far? 

I hope so,

Because if not,

One of us might be fucking crazy.

Remember that mother bear with her cub? When you and She went climbing?

Remember that Otter that simply wasn’t afraid?

Ask yourself now, if they had something to say, what would it be?

Your imagination is the key here.

Ask yourself now, do animals have an imagination?

What truly makes a Man special?

We are all animals, after all.

Breath. Listen. Remember.


Let’s pretend that everything an animal does – its very own volition – is for a reason.

Sounds logical right? 

You eat, you shit, and you fuck.

You are born to do so as a consequence of your nature.

You are an organism.

This Rock, floating through Space is nothing more. 

You are a monkey,

On a Rock,

In Space.

The very words of Nihilism.

What if people could be spirit animals?

Let’s play.

Man is an animal, and we spend our entire lives being convinced by some Force that we aren’t.

That Force is ambiguous; you can only see it if you tilt your head a certain way.

Without imagination, you live a Dull Life anyway.

For fuck’s sake,


Anyway you can.

You seek your vices because you are weak. Your very belonging is your leash.

But I digress.

If everything happens for a reason,

And everything has something to say,

And if everything is happening all at once across space and time,

in a quantum bubble of bullshit,

Can we not stand to reason,

That a Man may have a Spirit as well?

The Other Animals certainly do.

Remember animals.

2/3/2021 Additional notes:

The Bear is the one to listen to.

The wolf is the one that walks with you.

The lizard is the one that shows you something.

The rooster reminds you that you do not belong.

The geckos, are just geckos it seems.

The Bird is… not to be ignored.

The whale inspires.

The dolphin play, but also hurt.

The otter feels no fear.

The shark reminds you of death.

The tree comforts.

The Mountain challenges.

Can places have a spirit too?

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