Mock Cover

I am writing a book.

Essentially a memoir. It will consist of alternating chapters of adventure with my life’s story (being a depraved and bipolar rock-climbing punk who gets his dream job, but struggles with his identity in a materialistic hell – and his parents’ turbulent divorce at an early age) .

Throughout the book, I draw on the idea of “The Nexus,” also known as the state of “Moving Meditation” that sports like climbing and surfing offer people as a “taste of escape” or true freedom from the troubles of the world.

The gravity of mental illness will not be understated.

NOTE: This is a mockery of a cover, and I am only posting it here to get an idea of its feel, maybe even a few comments.

DISCLAIMER: Chris is a friend of mine, and I am merely using his name here to grasp some sense of a message for the cover. HE HAS NOT yet said any words of this sort, nor has he endorsed the distribution of this work in any way, beyond what precious and valuable advice he has shared with me personally. IN ADDITION: this mockery is not endorsed in any way by Penguin Books (again, this is a MOCKERY), and Danny Frank has not explicitly used these words. It’s just a joke, people – and an idea.

Back cover:

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